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Don’t just think flowers, think foliage.

While we all love flowers in our garden, it is important to remember that garden beauty and interest also come from foliage, particularly variegated and non-green foliage.  Plants like Liriope muscari, Acer palmatum, Weigela florida, and Hosta varieties are just a few of the plants that add depth and texture to a great landscape design.

Variegated […]

Is dyed mulch safe?

The safety of dyed mulch is a question that has been asked of me often.  The answer is not a cut and dry yes or no unfortunately.

You know the kind to which I’m referring.  So many of our clients call it (not so affectionately) gas station mulch or red mulch.   We don’t put down dyed […]

Should you prune your Endless Summer Hydrangea?

By now I imagine most hydrangea lovers are familiar with ‘Endless Summer’ hydrangeas, more officially named Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Bailmer’.  They are the blue or pink mophead, large leafed hydrangeas that are “ever blooming”.  The main difference between this hydrangea from other mophead hydrangeas is that the ‘Endless Summer’ blooms not only on old wood but […]

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